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American Legacy Gallery
Pasadena, CA. USA
Human impact on nature
Animal psychology
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About the artist

Adam Matano is a contemporary representational artist specializing in sculpture.  His work is an organically evolving process combining a visceral reaction to life, his interest and admiration for the natural world and our relationship with it. The exploration of these ideas allows for psychologically dense, rhythmic artwork.  Adam’s interest and involvement with nature and the arts began at a young age.  Early in his career, he nurtured his musical interests, which now play an integral part in his overall aesthetic, its principles echoing in his sculptures.  Most of Adam’s subjects are real life models that he has spent time with, through observation or interaction.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Animals are the primary subject matter of Adam’s work.  Humans make an appearance from time to time, but even with their clever disguises, he still sees them as animals.  Adam is fascinated with the ever-growing relationship between humankind and nature as it’s been changing.  Sometimes the themes take the expression as an ambiguous interaction between the two coming together.  Other times, it is expressed in the many ways humans are impacting the environment forcing animals to change their behavior in drastic ways to survive.  There are times when species get creative and do well, however, sadly many do not.  With representational art, people expect to see this ideal of nature, animals alone in the wild, majestic.  However, this is becoming more and more rare.  As a representational artist, Adam is driven to create what he sees and feels.  And there is a new wild today.


Adam Matano’s sculptures have been published in notable magazines and online sources including Beverly Press, Forbes, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, American Legacy Fine Art, California Art Club, Pacifico Magazine, Zoo Sketchbook



2010 Bachelors of fine arts, Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts Connecticut, United States

Solo Exhibitions

2019 LCAD Faculty Show, “Searching For the Real III” Laguna, CA. United States

Selected Group Exhibitions


Artists choice Exhibition, American Legacy Fine Art Gallery, Pasadena, CA. United States

Beverly Hills Art Show, Beverly Hills, CA. United States

California Art Club 111 Gold Medal Show, Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA, United States

Artist Lecture, Nature Artists’ Guild, Online.


Lucid Dreaming Exhibition, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. United States

California Art Club 110 Gold Medal Show, Hilbert Museum, Orange, CA. United States

Online Sculpture Demonstration, Rhythm of form, California Art Club, Pasadena, CA. United States

Blood and Fire III Exhibition, Ravens and Wolves, Long Beach, CA. United States


Midnight Garden Exhibition, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA. United States

California Art Club 109 Gold Medal Show, Hilbert Museum, Orange, CA. United States

Reh’s Contemporary, Reh’s Gallery, Manhattan, NY. United States

Contemporary California Sculpture, Sparks Gallery, San Diego, CA. United States


California Sculpture: Works From Southern and Northern California NSS, Gallery Manhattan, New York, NY. United States

Birds In Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI. United States

Emerging Stars In American Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC. United States

California Art Club 108 Gold Medal Show, Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena, CA. United States

The Art Of Animal Sculpture, Bonita Museum San Diego, CA. United States


Art Renewal Center 13th Annual Exhibition, Sotheby’s, Los Angeles, CA. United States

A Collectors Feast, American Legacy Fine Art, Pasadena, CA. United States

LAAFA Faculty Exhibition, Rebecca Molayem Gallery, Hollywood, CA. United States

California Art Club 107 Gold Medal Show, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA. United States.

Searching For The Real II, LCAD Faculty Show, Laguna, CA. United States


California Art Club 106 Gold Medal Show, Autry Museum, Los Angeles, CA. United States

National Sculpture Society Group Show, Sparks Gallery, San Diego, CA. United States

Brentwood Art Center Faculty Art Show, Brentwood Art Center, Santa Monica, CA. United States

Adam Matano - Figurative Sculpture - 1
Adam Matano - Raven Sculpture - 1
Adam Matano - Figurative Sculpture - 2
Adam Matano - Rat Sculpture - 1

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