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Print on Dibond
Melting Art Gallery
Lille, France

Libre est l’Art
Paris, France

Audacieuse Galerie
Genève, Switzerland
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About the artist

Cédric Brion known as Studio Clavicule Pics was born in 1978 in Belgium, in the suburbs of Mons. He has always been interested in the plastic arts, and started to develop his taste for photography at the age of 18. His first tool was a silver camera, which he developed in the darkest part of his room. After several years of research and experience, Studio Clavicule Pics was able to approach the world of professional photography, thanks to various competitions and work done for the business world.

Studio Clavicule Pics’ fascination with creating portraits in a dark, even noir atmosphere comes from his early childhood. He has always been fascinated by fantastic and dark worlds, and creates portraits that transport the viewer into another universe. He likes to see his portraits as windows to the imaginary worlds.

From the darkness of the soul, a clarity can emerge that overwhelms him. Light that is too bright often dazzles, darkness magnifies it. Cédric likes to capture contrasts in his portraits, and ancient civilizations have always been one of his sources of inspiration.  He wants his portraits to appeal to people, so that they can see themselves in them and recognize themselves.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Studio Clavicule Pics’ favorite subject is the dark side of man and his ideology of believing in divine beings since the dawn of time.


Studio Clavicule Pics’ photographs has been published in notable magazines, and online sources including Open Eye Magazine, Marvelous Art Magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Femme Rebelle Magazine, DARKBEAUTY Magazine, Modellen Land Magazine, Surreal Beauty Magazine, and Emergence Magazine France.



2002 Web designer Web designer certificate (graphic designer)

2001 Web designer training, Créaform

2000 Professional photography course, Infac, Brussels

1998 Qualification in Plastic Arts – Lycée Technique du Hainaut 



5 nominations at the Fine Art Photography Awards


Winner of Photo Magazine’s Biggest competition

4 gold medals in the portrait category at the New York photography awards

2 Honourable mentions in the portrait category at the Chromatic photography awards

1 Honourable mention in the fine art category at the Budapest photography awards

Finalist for the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize

Bronze medal for the Ghost series and finalist with the Fallen Angel series at ONE EYELAND

8 nominations at the Fine Art Photography Awards


Bronze medal at the Panno Awards


Finalist in Photo magazine’s largest photo competition

Jury’s favourite in Wipplay’s Human Planet “Orange” competition

Finalist in the “Shoot for good” competition


Nominated in the Top 101 of the IMS Photo Contes

2nd place in the Belgian national competition of the Sony World Photo Awards

1st prize of the Public Wipplay Festival ” RENCONTRES AU PAYS DU MONT- BLANC, France

Winner of the category Landscape, Fashion, Portrait of the “grand concours international”

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Exhibition at Galerie Libre est L’Art, Paris France

Exhibition at Melting Art Galerie, Lille, France


Exhibition In venice The Room Contemporary Art Space, Italy


Exhibition at Pôle d’exposition, Mons, Belgium

Selected Group Exhibitions


Exhibition in Liège, Tournai, Brussels, Belgium

Studio Clavicule Pics - Figurative Photography - 13
Studio Clavicule Pics - Figurative Photography - 3
Studio Clavicule Pics - Figurative Photography - 6
Studio Clavicule Pics - Figurative Photography - 2

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