ArtistMary MacGregor-ReidResidesNew Zealand
Gold Leaf
CAS Gallery
Aotearoa, New Zealand
ThemesThe other-worldly
The occult
Ritual and Ceremony
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About the artist

Mary MacGregor-Reid is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Her life-long interest in Western Esotericism and ontology of the otherworldly inform her work, whether through moving image installation, photography or sculpture. She creates the costumes and props for her lens-based works as well as 3D sculpting her miniature objects. Mary explores symbolic expression in her work, particularly the occulted visual language of alchemy, which she has reimagined in her figurative artwork for the past 7 years.

In 1997 Mary achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts before working in the design industry as a branding and packaging specialist. She returned to study at WhiteCliffe School of Art in 2014 to attain a Master of Fine Arts and began to build her career as an artist.

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Inspired by the flamboyant character of Mary MacGregor-Reid’s great grandfather, who spearheaded the Druid revival in early 20th century Britain, Mary became interested in the way people perform character for mystic purposes. Her Great Grandfather cultivated a metaphorical wardrobe of flamboyant characters he could take on and off as befitted the situation and the audience. Intrinsic to ritual practice, the assumption of character archetypes sits alongside movement, gesture and language as symbolic tools to assist the esoteric practitioner. It is this use of symbolism in both mundane life and magical tradition that especially fascinates Mary. Having first seen the artists of the late 19th Century Symbolist movement and the Italian Baroque and while studying art as a teenager, Mary’s love for their work has never wavered and continues to inform her own creations. She has a particular interest in alchemical transformation, ritual and ceremonial magic, the otherworldly and the hidden. 


Mary MacGregor-Reid’s works has been featured in notable magazine, books and online sources including D-Photo Magazine Issue 98, Communicating Vessels Book, and Dominican Post.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition: “To be announced.”Percy Thomson Gallery,
Stratford, Taranaki, NZ



2016 Master of Fine Arts, WhiteCliffe College of Art, Auckland, New Zealand

1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Selected Solo Exhibitions


When We Have Spoken Openly, We Have Said Nothing, Contemporary Art Space, New Plymouth, New Zealand


Celestial Bodies, solo multichannel video installation, Contemporary Art Space, New Plymouth, New Zealand


Communicating Vessels, with Hayley Theyers and Kate Rampling, Photospace Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand


Communicating Vessels, with Hayley Theyers and Kate Rampling, Photospace Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand


Rubedo, solo show at Kingsize, Auckland, New Zealand


Nigredo, solo show at Kingsize, Auckland, New Zealand

Selected Group Exhibitions


Loving Across Distances, Ahuriri Contemporary, Napier, New Zealand

We all think we are good people, Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford, New Zealand


We all think we are good people, Contemporary Art Space, New Plymouth, New Zealand


Bitter Harvest, Black Asterisk, Auckland, New Zealand

What Remains, group show at DEMO, Auckland, New Zealand

Occulture Salon” group show, Wellington, New Zealand


Esoteric Salon’ group exhibition, Buratti Gallery, Perth, Australia, New Zealand

Art Ache’ Group exhibition, Golden Dawn, Auckland, New Zealand

Glaister Ennor Award’ finalists show, Sanderson Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Mary MacGregor-Reid - Figurative Photography - 1
Mary MacGregor-Reid - Figurative Photography - 4
Mary MacGregor-Reid - Figurative Photography - 2
Mary MacGregor-Reid - Figurative Photography - 9

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