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About the artist

Odhara is a self-taught artist from France who began drawing at the beginning of 2020 using vector technique. 

She has always been in contact with the art world since at a young age, as she started playing Violin at the age of 5 at the music conservatory of her hometown. She’s always had a passion for movies, animation, and music. Odhara also read a lot of books and mangas, all those things being very inspirational to her. 

When Odhara began her artist journey, representation was driven from the get-go. Her double ethnicity, being surrounded by people from different ones as well, and having a very diverse directory of movies, series, animation, and music genres had a very big influence on her art. 

Odhara found herself naturally drawn to draw only women from different ethnicities. Before drawing, she likes to take the time to understand her feelings and emotions, and then visually transcribe them in her head, including colors and shapes.

Women’s representation from a woman’s perspective is what is lacking in the art world.  Through her art, she aims to create a space where women from different ethnicities can see themselves represented in new and empowering ways. She’s interested in exploring the many facets of femininity as well as how we express our emotions and sensitivity.

Ultimately, her goal as a digital artist is to create work that is both meaningful and impactful, inspiring viewers to celebrate the diversity and strength of femininity, embrace the complexity of their own emotions, and enjoy the power of representation and inclusion in all aspects of our lives

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Odhara’s work is a celebration of the strength, beauty, and complexity of women’s emotions, sensibility, and femininity and seeks to challenge conventional notions of beauty, especially regarding skin color, which is a very controversial subject in a lot of countries.

Growing up, Odhara was particularly drawn to the vibrant colors and elements of Asian and African art and culture. Her works are therefore quite colorful and somewhat non-regular regarding the way she use the colors. She chose not to engage herself in using a specific color palette 100% of the time, as colors are for her an important way of translating feelings and emotions. The simplicity and semi-realistic features of her paintings also come from the influences that mangas and African portraiture paintings had on her.

All of her works are a representation of her emotions, and mental states, as well as how she pictures the path to her dreams and goals. It can also be a representation of something that inspired her to represent the uniqueness of one’s woman femininity, and emotions.  

Nature is an important part of Odhara’s creations as it is a way of putting emotion into a scenery, allowing her to translate them more accurately, as emotions and feelings are very complex.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group Exhibition: “The London Biennale of
Women in Art”
Chelsea Old Town Hall
London, England


Selected Group Exhibitions


Interconnecting Lines, One Art Space, New York, United States

Vogue, Boomer Gallery, London, England

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Odhara-Figurative Digital Art - 13
Odhara-Figurative Digital Art - 5
Odhara-Figurative Digital Art - 2

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