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About the artist

Storöy is a contemporary graphic artist and illustrator based in Hamar, Norway. She thinks of herself as a visual storyteller; influenced and inspired by her background on the coast of Northern Norway, a region known for its many myths and folk tales. Growing up in a solitary fjord surrounded by majestic mountains and glaciers, she was drawn to the mystery of nature. She found herself constantly reading, drawing and creating narratives with mythical creatures and empowered women. At an early age she was drawn to various creative subjects but had a hard time deciding what field she should study. As a result, she decided not to exclude any of them, but rather combine several disciplines. Her education and creative merits span from from graphic design to illustration and fine art, accomplished amid Oslo and Milan. As a result, her images may be difficult to categorize, as they often consist of a mix of multiple directions. She thinks of her works as unfinished stories or scenes, and her characters often carry a sub-tone of otherworldly and mysterious illusion to them. 

Artwork Themes & Subject Matter

Storöy blends aspects of nature details, fashion and geometrical shapes with a poetic approach, creating stylised depictions of her female characters. The female personas, either presented on their own, or as part of a larger narrative scene, inhabit dreamy landscapes or worlds, inspired by stories, myths and fairytales. Creating female figures with a technique structured and developed over years, her work allows her to constantly explore new ways of presenting them. 

Storöy has always been fascinated by exploring strength and vulnerability in feminine archetypes. Through her work, she tries to move into an interdisciplinary collaboration between traditional, hand-crafted techniques and digital infusion. It is an exploration, allowing her to to use a variety of methods and angles in each image. Her works inhabit a somewhat haunted and ethereal appearance, inviting the viewer to move into a space of juxtaposition of fantasy and reality.


Storöy’s works have been published in magazines such as Creativpaper, Art Reveal Magazine, Veneno Magazine, Creative Booom Magazine, Blanc Magazine, Favriver Magazine, Acuzar Magazine and Aloa Magazine. ​



2007 Vika Art Academy, Oslo, Norway

2005 Fine Art, Nuova Accademia de Belle Arti, Milan, Italy 

2003 Mac Design, MI, Oslo, Norway 

2000 Graphic design & illustration, MI, Oslo, Norway 

Selected Group Exhibitions


Convergence, Gallery Ether, Tokyo, Japan


Little Treasures, Gallery Ateneo de Madrid, Madrid, Spain 


Little Treasures, Galleria de Marchi, Bologna, Italy


Itinerary Firenze-Londra, Mentana Art Gallery, London, England

Mystery as Muse, Gallery AG, New York, United States

Raw, Digital Art Factory, Rome, Italy 

STROKE 2018 Art Fair, Munich, Germany

Storöy - Figurative Digital Art - 1
Storöy - Figurative Digital Art - 8
Storöy - Figurative Digital Art - 3
Storöy - Figurative Digital Art - 2

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